Restaurante Brassa


Calle 7 No. 1 e/ 3 y 4, Rpto Sueño. Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba

+53 22 642033, +53 52 072717, +53 52 717795,

Todos los días de 12:00 PM a 12:00 AM,,

Restaurante Brassa

It distinguishes us the excellence. In our restaurant you will feel special. We have different spaces designed for their well-being, a bar where he/she will be able to enjoy a wide variety of swigs, cocktails and more, one digs of wines, and the most important thing our zeal and profesionalidad so that you feel well assisted. Thank you to choose us!!!!



Cocktail of Shrimps
Cocktail of Moorish
Accompanying Sauces
Cold Dawn
Chicken croquettes have more than enough sauce of good herb and spicy chilis
Muffled chicken masses
Fish tempuras with sweet and sour sauce
Ham appetizer and cheese
Ceviche of Caribbean Fish
Chopped of ham leg with banderilla and cheese
Soups and Creams
Soup Huertana
Soup of Chicken and vegetables
Tomato gazpacho and crystallized onions
Cremates of three cheeses with chips of Ham
Cremates of shellfish
Ranch of Shellfish
Rices and Pastas
Rice Blanco
Rice with Greenness
Oriental Congrí
Rice to the style chicken pilaf
Rice with a lot of stock of fish and shellfish
Spaghetti with meat sauce to the rosemary
Pastures with meat sauce to the rosemary
Fishes and Shellfish
Rice with a lot of stock of fish and shellfish
Fish esperlan
Fish fillet to the Ember with glazed onion and he/she came white
Fish mass in lemon sauce and he/she mentions
Fillet of misty fish
Shrimps with vinaigrette of roasted garlics, oregano and honey
Shrimps in sauce diabla
Shrimps fried in oil and you die grass
Sea and Earth
Lobster enchilada
Lobster with butter of parsley
Cooked pig
Cooked chicken
Fried chicken with sauce tomato romesco
Pig cutlet
Pig loin with I wet picón
Beefsteak of pig encebollado
Padded chicken with ham and cheese
Pig to the santiaguera
Lamb stew to the wine tints
Supreme of chicken
Glazed chicken breast
Lukewarm salad of vegetables in three station
Natural tostones
Cabbage roll stuffs with vegetables
Tostones fillers with pig meat
Add Ham
Add Cheese
Add ham and cheese
Roasted tomatoes with basil and cheese mozzarella
Mixed salad of vegetables in station
Russian Ensaladilla
Salad of vegetables with chicken strips to the iron
Custard of milk to the candy
Surrounds lolita
Surrounds of ice cream with pottage of fruits
Varieties of tea
American Coffee
Expressed Coffee
Coffee with milk
Irish Coffee
Dilutes Natural
Dilutes Carbonated
Juices of natural fruits
Juices of fruits in preserve
National Sodas
Dilutes Tonic
International Sodas
National Beers
Michelada (Plus the price of the beer)
Net Bull
We also have service of Bar, barbecue, among other. Contacts us!!!


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