Casa Estrella (Playa Larga)

Casa de renta

Calle Mario López, Playa Larga. Ciénaga de Zapata. Matanzas

24 horas

Casa Estrella (Playa Larga)
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Located to few minutes of the beach he/she is House it Shatters, a place that offers them a dream stay, surrounded of affection, personalized attention and good pleasure in the creation of unforgettable dinners with a peculiar and only season. Affordable, varied and conventional prices with the client. They are also offered variety of options for their enjoyment and that they are part of their trip for one of the ecological conserved parks in the Island. He/she will be able to walk through dense paths of our flora and more endemic fauna, there he/she will witness our more exotic plants and surprising animals, divings for costs and incredible caves, natural pools, you visit to hatcheries of crocodiles, villages taínas, fishing opportunities, walks in bicycles and many other attractions. He/she marries it Shatters it has 3 rooms with independent, acclimatized and very well decorated bathroom. To few minutes of our beaches, he/she will find a home here, a place that he/she enjoys tranquility and excellent ornamentation to refresh their stay. Contact us! He/she won't be sorry!


Breakfast services, lunch and it has dinner
3 acclimatized Rooms
Mini-bar / Refrigerator
Service of coctelería
Trips and paths
Laundry service
Guides for the observation of birds
Take a bath Private
Terrace / Ranchón
Dilutes Cold / Hot the 24 hours
Tour in a train of more than 100 years, Diving, fishes sport or fly, visits to the salines, night or recreational centers, Tip perdis, good Creek, Cave of the fish, walk for paths, beaches, popular parties, discos, museums and other attractions common of the Marsh of Zapata


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