El Cocodrilo (Playa Girón)

Restaurante | Bar

Playa Girón. Ciénaga de Zapata. Matanzas

Todos los días de 11:30 AM a 10:30 PM

El Cocodrilo (Playa Girón)

Bar - Restoring ¨ The Crocodile ¨, located in the center of Beach Girón.Peninsula of Zapata to few meters of the Hotel Beach Girón and the museum, where he/she will be able to appreciate the history and culture of our town.A magnificent place for the enjoyment and the knowledge that it can be accompanied by our gastronomic varied offers, invites it to that it visits us and check the exquisite flavor of our plates and of a daring coctelería that will take it to the ecstasy of its palate, make his this destination that he/she will force him to the reencuentro.


Strong plate:

Beefsteak of pig (to the iron) liver
Liver to the Italian (to the iron with pepper pepper, onion and he/she came dry)
Pig (to the iron) beefsteak
Pig (to the iron) chop
Fried pig mass
Pig fricassee
Fried pig rib
Chicken sprouted
Fried chicken
Fish tip
Banged on of fish
Rotates of fish I sprouted (to the iron)
Fish fillet sprouts with garlic <(to the iron, with butter and garlic) /h5>
Fish fillet sprouted (to the iron)
Cuban Shrimps sprouted with garlic <(to the iron, with butter and garlic) /h5>
Shrimps enchilados


Rice congrí
White rice
Yellow rice with pig meat
Vianda boiled with I wet Creole, fried vianda



Drinks (National):

Dilutes natural
Dilutes gassed
Refresh (Lemon, orange and line)
Tropical juice
Beer Buccaneer
Beer Glass
He/she Came I Tint, Rosy and Blanco (bot.)
He/she Came Sweet




Bloody Mary
Daiquirí Frappé
Rebellious Daiquirí
Daiquirí of Banana
Mary Pickford
Real Mojito
Strained Pineapple
Rum Collins
Free Cuba
Havana Green
Special Havana
Rum and coke
Natural Jufos

Drinks to Strike:

Rum Havana Club 7 years
Rum Havana Club 3 years
Rum Havana Old Special Club
Rum Havana Old Club Blanco
Rum Legendary 7 Years
Rum Santiago
Rum Santiago Matures
Rum Santiago 12 Years
Rum Shipyard 7 Years
Rum Cubay
Wiskey Crowleys
Selection of Teachers
Whisky Ballantines
Whisky Jameson
Bodka Priskai


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